January 31st, 2001 - v1.0.2 released.

This minor release fixes a couple of bugs, adds a couple of small features, and includes lots of new/updated translations. For more details, click here.

July 17th, 2000 - v1.0.1 released.

This minor release fixes an embarrassing build problem in v1.0 such that the binary in the RPM file did not work. Building and installing from source was unaffected though.

July 15th, 2000 - v1.0 released.

This is the final v1.0 release of gnome-find. There are only a few fixes since v0.6:

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Downloading gnome-find

gnome-find requires at least GTK+ 1.2.0, GNOME libs 1.0.53, and libglade 0.11.

The current stable version is gnome-find-1.0.2, released January 31st, 2001.
1.0.2 Source code - gzip'd tar 321 KB Download
1.0.2 Source code - RedHat 6.x RPM 444 KB Download
1.0.2 Binary - RedHat 6.x RPM 156 KB Download

Mailing list

Currently, there is one, all-purpose mailing list for gnome-find. Announcements of new releases, user help, bug reporting, and development all take place here. It is very low-traffic.

To subscribe, unsubcribe, or view the mailing list archives, go to the gnome-find mailing list page .

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