gnome-find: older news

June 28th, 2000 - v0.6 released.

This release fixes a handful of bugs, includes a number of improvements, and now features an interface to the "locate" command.




If no major problems come up, there's a good chance that the next release should be the final 1.0 release!

June 19th, 2000 - v0.5 released.

Surprisingly, no bugs were reported since 0.4, so this release basically includes a number of new features, user interface improvements, and documentation. A brief summary of additions are:

We're getting pretty close to a final 1.0 release, so test out this version thoroughly!

June 5th, 2000 - v0.4 released.

This release fixes a minor bug, and adds a number of new features.



May 22nd, 2000 - v0.3 released.

This release fixes a few bugs, and has some additional advanced search options implemented.



May 15th, 2000 - v0.2 released.

This release adds new features and implementation, including:

May 09th, 2000 - v0.1 released.

Initial release.

Unlike other 0.1 releases, gnome-find actually works, and has a clear roadmap on what needs to be finished before a final 1.0 release. See the TODO file in the source distribution on what needs to be done.

This release features "basic" searching and multiple windows. Future releases will include incremental features for advanced search options, file operations on files found in the search results, and more.

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